2019 PUC Legislative Implementation

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The 2019 legislative session resulted in the passage of a number of bills involving the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), including one reauthorizing the PUC for seven years while adding various requirements related to clean energy planning, energy impact bonds, and wholesale electric cooperative resource planning.
The PUC will conduct investigations, rulemakings, adjudicatory proceedings and other actions to implement the requirements of the various bills. From this page you can track the progress of the various legislative implementation projects.

Bill Description: Reauthorizes the Public Utilities Commission for seven years and adds various requirements related to clean energy planning, energy impact bonds, and wholesale electric cooperative resource planning. 

Read SB19-236 here



Electric rule amendments (19R-0096E)

As a result of changes in energy statutes in the 2019 legislative session, a supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) will be issued in this current proceeding. The supplemental NOPR will include proposed changes on utility renewable ownership, renewable energy credits, resource acquisition period, RESA and retail rate impact cap, ERP Phase II ownership considerations, best value employment metrics, net metering and small Qualifying Facilities, carbon emission goals, and changes to community solar gardens.


Link to Proceeding 19R-0096E in E-Filings


Practice and Procedure rule amendments

A rulemaking proceeding will be opened to incorporate changes made in SB236, including rules for an electronic hearing process already in use by the Administrative Law Judges, updates to streamline the PUC’s formal complaint and show cause proceedings, and other housekeeping changes.


Link to Proceeding 19R-0483ALL in E-Filings


Wholesale electric cooperative (Tri-State) Electric Resource Planning

The establishment of rules that require wholesale electric cooperatives to submit an integrated or electric resource plan for approval by the PUC.


Link to Proceeding 19R-0408E in E-Filings


Distribution System Planning

The establishment of rules requiring the filing of a distribution system plan for “qualifying retail utilities.”


Link to Proceeding 20R-0516E in E-Filings


Electric rate survey

The PUC will conduct a survey of electric public utility retail rates and consider recommendations that would result in rate relief in certificated electric utility territories. A report on the findings of the survey is due to legislative oversight committees by Feb. 1, 2021.


Link to Proceeding 20M-0251 in E-Filings


Performance based regulation

The PUC will conduct an investigation into performance based ratemaking (PBR) to determine if a transition to PBR is beneficial to the state. A report on the findings of the investigation is due to legislative oversight committees by Nov. 30, 2020.


Link to Proceeding 19M-0661EG in E-Filings


Colorado Transmission Coordination Act

An investigation into the costs and benefits to electric utilities, other generators, and Colorado electric utility customers from electric utilities participating in energy imbalance markets, regional transmission organizations, power pools or joint tariffs.


Link to Proceeding 19M-0495E in E-Filings


Rail civil penalties

A rulemaking proceeding will be opened to incorporate a civil penalty process and fine amounts for railroad companies found to be out of compliance with a PUC order or rule.


Vehicle booting companies

The establishment of rules for the permitting of vehicle booting companies, including compliance with a background check, filing of workers’ compensation insurance coverage, disqualification requirements, and inspection requirements.


Link to Proceeding 19R-0485TR in E-Filings




Bill Description: Establishes a process at the PUC whereby a public utility may undertake implementation of an electric motor vehicle infrastructure program within its certificated territory, and allows cost recovery.

Public Service Co. Transportation Electrification Plan Application:


Black Hills' Transportation Electrification Plan Application:



Bill Description: Increases the maximum size of a Community Solar Garden (CSG) and makes other amendments to the statute authorizing the creation of CSGs. 

Link to Proceeding 19R-0608E in E-Filings

Bill Description: Establishes statewide greenhouse gas pollution reduction goals.

Bill Description: Disqualifies an internet service provider (ISP) from receiving money through a grant from the Broadband Deployment Board, or through any state fund established to help finance broadband deployment, if the ISP engages in certain practices that interfere with an open internet. 

Link to Proceeding 19R-0458T in E-Filings


Individual proceedings can be located via the PUC EFilings System. Please visit the PUC Comment Wizard to file a comment to the PUC.