9-1-1 Surcharges

The "911 Surcharge" is imposed by a local governing body, typically a 911 authority board, to pay for costs incurred for the continued operation of emergency telephone service within that governing body's jurisdiction, such as for equipment, installation, and other directly related costs. See Section 29-11-102 (1)(a), C.R.S. Carriers required to file the E 911 surcharge must contact the local 911 authoritieswhere they have customers located to determine surcharge costs. Contact information for the Colorado 911 authorities can be found here.

A governing body requesting approval pursuant to § 29-11-102(2)(b) for a charge in excess of seventy cents per month shall file an Application with this Commission pursuant to 4 CCR 723-2, Rules 2002. Funds collected from the charges imposed shall be used for its intended purpose pursuant to § 29-11-104(2)(a)(I). Supporting documentation (cost, budget projections, audits) justifying the proposed increase in the surcharge shall be included in the Application.