Relay Forms & Surcharge Information

Steps for Compliance

1. Create an E-Filings account by clicking here.

2. Upload the TRS Registration form via E-Filings into the appropriate proceeding noted on the form.

3. Receive a company code and surcharge information from Solix, the custodial receiver that receives payments quarterly. 

4. File the TRS surcharge form via E-Filings on a quarterly basis. Use the form that is designated for that specific quarter as they have built in formulas that can change throughout the year. 

5. Send payment directly to Solix on a quarterly basis. The address and EFT information for payment can be found in the "Information for Carriers" document. Payment sent via check or money order must accompany a paper form. Payments made via EFT do not need a paper form as the form filed via E-Filings will suffice. Payments sent directly to the PUC will be returned. 

Voice Service Provider Registration

Pursuant to 4 C.C.R. 723-2-2827(a)(III) Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), all voice service providers must register with the Commission and must update any information previously provided within fifteen days of any change of the information. Under 4 C.C.R.723-2-2821(c), a "voice service provider" is any company that provides telephone access lines to members of the general public who are its customers for voice service. File the TRS Registration form (below) via E-Filings in Proceeding No. 20M-TRS. Click HERE for a step by step guide for registering for E-Filings.

Uniform Surcharge

Effective October 1, 2019, the uniform surcharge is six cents. The Commission approved this decision on July 17, 2019. An order was sent on August 2, 2019 and is available below.

To comply with the requirements of § 40-17-103(3), C.R.S, see payment details on the Relay Surcharge Form below. That form should be filed quarterly via the PUC's E-Filings system, in Proceeding No. 20M-0004T for 2020.