Customer Deposit Interest Rates

PUC Approved Interest Rate on Customer Deposits

Many public utilities offering telephone, energy and water services to residential and commercial customers in the State of Colorado have the provisions in their tariffs that allow the utility to require customers to maintain a deposit with the utility to ensure payment of services. If your utility requires such deposits, it is required to pay simple interest on those customer deposits as prescribed by Commission rules. 

See Telecommunications rule: 723-2-2302, Electric rule 723-3-3403 . Gas rule 723-4-4403 and Water rule 723-5-5403.

Interest Rate on Customer Deposits

For calendar year 2024, the rate will be 4.93%.

For calendar year 2023, the rate will be 1.69%.


Customer Deposit Interest Rate documents (PDFs in Google Drive)

For additional information and to facilitate any tariff changes, the Commission issued the corresponding Decisions.

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Electric Utilities

Decision C22-0625

Gas Utilities

Decision C22-0624

Water Utilities

Decision C22-0626

Telecommunications Providers

Decision C22-0627