2022 PUC Legislative Implementation

2022 Legislative Implementation Banner

In 2022, the Colorado Legislature passed bills that impact the work of the Public Utilities Commission and the utilities that we regulate.  The PUC will conduct investigations, rulemakings, adjudicatory proceedings and other actions to implement the requirements of the various bills. From this page you can track the progress of PUC implementation of those and other 2022 legislative changes.

Bill Description: Concerning a State Regulated Utility’s Practices Regarding a Customer’s Ability to Pay the Customer’s Utility Bill

Bill Description: Concerning a Requirement that Transportation Network Companies Provide Insurance to Protect Individuals from Damages Caused by Uninsured Motorists

Bill Description: Concerning the Elimination of Barriers to Obtaining Authority to Practice an Occupation Based on an Individual’s Criminal History

Bill Description: Concerning Public Recreational Trails in Electric Transmission Corridors of the State and Encouraging Transmission Providers to Enter into Written Agreements for the Construction of Powerline Trails 

Bill Description: Concerning the Rights of a Person with Ownership Interest in a Vehicle that has been Towed from Private Property without the Person’s Consent 

Bill Description: Concerning the Encouragement of the Use of Geothermal Energy by Providing Similar Treatment to Solar Energy

Bill Description: Concerning the Provision of Transportation Services by a Transportation Network Company Not in Connection with a Business Operated for Profit