2023 PUC Legislative Implementation

2023 Legislative Implementation Updates banner

In 2023, the Colorado Legislature passed bills that impact the work of the Public Utilities Commission and the utilities that we regulate.  The PUC will conduct investigations, rulemakings, adjudicatory proceedings and other actions to implement the requirements of the various bills. From this page you can track the progress of PUC implementation of those and other 2023 legislative changes.

Bill Description: Electric Resource Adequacy Reporting

Bill Description: Support for Rural Telecommunications Providers

Bill Description: Solar Garden Net Metering Credits Stabilization

Bill Description: Environmental Standards for Appliances

Bill Description: Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

Bill Description: Electric Vehicle Charging and Parking; Definition of Disproportionally Impacted Community

Bill Description: Thermal Energy

Bill Description: Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Measures

Bill Description: Public Utilities Commission Administrative Fee Setting Transportation Services

Bill Description: Energy and Carbon Management Regulation in Colorado

Bill Description: Access to Government Records

Bill Description: Utility Regulation

Bill Description: Labor Requirements for Energy Sector Construction