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Proceeding numbers begin with the year when the proceeding was opened – e.g., 2019 proceedings will start with 19. A letter in the case indicates the type of proceeding as listed below. The 4 numbers that follow the hyphen (19X-0000) are sequentially assigned throughout the calendar year, starting at 0001.

A hypothetical proceeding titled 10A-123T means the following:

  • The proceeding was opened in 2010
  • The A indicates it is an Application proceeding
  • 123 means it was the 123rd filing of the calendar year
  • T means it is a Telecommunications proceeding

Proceeding types:
A -     Application
AL-    Advice Letter (the “S” docket type, for suspended Advice Letters, ended 1/2/09)
B -     Petition for Arbitration of an Interconnection Agreement
C -     Commission Complaint
D -     Request for Declarator Ruling
E -     Request - Rural Technology Enterprise Zone
F -     Formal Complaint
G-     Civil Penalty
H -     Siting Disputes
I -     Investigation
J -     Discontinuance of Telecom Service Where No Customers Are Affected
L -     Less than Statutory Notice Tariff Change
LA -     Agreement Letter
LT -     Transmittal Letter
M -     Miscellaneous Dockets
P -     Submittal of Gas Purchase Plans
Q -     Inquiry
R -     Rulemaking Case
T -     Telecommunications Interconnection Agreements
U -     Declaration of Intent to Provide Local Telecom Services in Rural Telecom
Service Areas
V -     Petition for Variance From Waiver of a Rule
Z -     Number Utilization Requirement Waiver - Telecommunications


Industry Types
ALL =     All industries
E =     Electric
EG =    Electric and Gas
GH =     Geothermal Heating
GPS =     Gas Pipeline Safety
HHG =    Household Goods Movers
P =     Pipeline
R =     Railroad
S =     Securities 
ST =     Steam
T =     Telecommunications
TR =    Transportation (general)
TO =     Towing carriers
W =     Water

Other Identifiers

ALJ = Administrative Law Judge: An administrative law judge (ALJ) is a judge and trier of fact, responsible for presiding over trials, adjudicating claims, administering oaths, and making legal determinations. The Commission refers matters to an ALJ for a recommended decision.

C3 or 3C = The three commissioners, en banc (en banc is a French term for meaning “on the bench.” When all three Commissioners hear a proceeding, it is considered an en banc proceeding. 

CDM = Commissioners' Deliberations Meeting: The Commissioners will hold CDMs on larger cases that may take one or several meetings to come to a final decision.

CIM = Commissioners' Information Meeting: The Commission may schedule meetings (outside of their regular weekly meetings) to obtain information on a variety of topics.

CPCN = Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity: A CPCN is a utility’s authority to operate as granted by the PUC.

CWM = Commissioners' Weekly Meeting: The three Commissioners meet once a week to deliberate on matters of procedure and substance. THese meetings typically begin at 9 a.m. (Mountain Standard Time), and can be viewed through our livestream channel on YouTube.

HRG= Hearing: A hearing is a meeting held by an ALJ, a hearing Commissioner, or the three Commissioners, to take testimony and evidence in a proceeding.

PHC = Pre-Hearing Conference: A pre-hearing conference addresses preliminary and procedural matters prior to an evidentiary hearing.

PCH = Public Comment Hearing: A public comment hearing is an on-the-record meeting held by an ALJ, hearing Commissioner, or the full Commission to take oral  the public in a particular proceeding.

Show-Cause Hearing: A hearing at which a person or party is directed to appear on a certain date to show cause why the judge should not issue a specific order or make a certain finding. 

VACATED - canceled.

For a complete definitive list of terms, please click here.


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