The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) serves the public interest, which requires balancing the needs of customers and utility service providers. Objectives to meet the agency’s mission have been developed within the areas of Rates, Service, Safety and Infrastructure, and are identified as follows:

  • RATES: The PUC will maintain utility rates as low as possible for residential and business consumers that are consistent with minimum standards for service, safety, economic viability, and the environment.
  • SERVICE: The PUC will provide customers with reliable, up-to-date, responsive, and timely utility service.
  • SAFETY: The PUC will seek to maintain safety by minimizing any possible dangers for consumers related to regulated utility services.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: The PUC, in its efforts to maintain and improve the infrastructure, will ensure that utilities earn a rate of return sufficient for their long-term economic viability and their ability to update their physical plant or equipment to provide reliable state-of-the-art services essential for statewide economic development.

PUC program objectives are achieved by issuing regulatory authorities that allow utilities to operate, creating standards, assisting and providing education to the public, enforcing and verifying compliance with PUC requirements, and administering direct service programs.