Telecom Providers

Telecommunication Provider documents (PDFs in Google Drive)

Telecommunications Services - Defined in Rule 4 CCR 723-2-2001(oo) (PDF)

Provider Types

Competitive Local (can include)

Business Service Only
Emergency Service Only
Facility Based
Provider of Last Resort (POLR)
Residential Service Only
ETC (Eligible Telecommunications Providers)

Emerging Competitive (can include)

Inmate Provider
Inmate Provider, Relaxed Regulatory Treatment
InterLATA Toll Only, Facilities Based
IntraLATA Toll Only, Facilities Based
Non-Optional Operator Services
Non-Optional Operator Services, Relaxed Regulatory Treatment
Private Line Service, Jurisdictional
Private Line Service, Jurisdictional, Relaxed Regulatory Treatment
Switched Access
Switched Access, Relaxed Regulatory Treatment
Toll Service, Facilities Based
Toll Service, Facilities Based, Relaxed Regulatory Treatment

Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC)
as defined by the Federal Communications Commission, 47 CFR 51.5

With respect to an area, the local exchange carrier that:
(1) On February 8, 1996, provided telephone exchange service in such area, and
(2)(i) On February 8, 1996, was deemed to be a member of the Exchange Carrier Association pursuant to § 69.601(b) of this chapter, or (ii) Is a person or entity that, on or after February 8, 1996, became a successor or assign of a member described in paragraph (2)(i) of this section.

Interexchange Provider/Toll Reseller

Any person who provides toll services to end-use customers by using the transmission facilities, including without limitation wire, cable, optical fiber, or satellite or terrestrial radio signals of another person. A toll reseller may, but need not, possess its own switching facilities. See Commission Rule 4 CCR 723-2-2000(qq).

Complaint Procedure

If you have a complaint against one of these companies, try to resolve it first with the company.
If you have a question or inquiry about services, please contact the company contact listed on your monthly statement.
If you are unable to resolve the problem with the utility and you need further assistance, please contact the External Affairs office of the Public Utilities Commission at 303-894-2070 option #2 or 800-456-0858 if you reside outside of the Denver metro area but within the State of Colorado. They can also be reached via web at dora_puc_complaints@state.co.us.