Pursuant to 23R-0085TO, the new/updated towing rules are effective on April 30, 2024. Please see the new rules available here.


The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is the primary regulator of the towing industry in Colorado. The PUC issues permits to towing carriers and ensures they meet minimum insurance requirements. The PUC also sets the maximum rates for many types of tows. It investigates complaints filed by the public and other stakeholders, which are handled by a team of Consumer Affairs specialists and professional investigators, to determine whether violations have occurred and if enforcement action is necessary. Enforcement action can include refunds to consumers and fines being issued to the towing carriers. In some instances, investigations may be referred to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

There are three primary types of tows:

  • Consensual: When a person hires or allows a tow truck to transport their vehicle. There is limited regulation for consensual towing and the PUC does not regulate rates for consensual tows.
  • Nonconsensual: When a vehicle is towed from private property without the vehicle owner or operator’s permission. This typically occurs if a vehicle is parked illegally or improperly or presents some type of safety issue (such as blocking traffic or a fire lane). Nonconsensual towing is typically defined as residential or commercial.
  • Law Enforcement-Ordered: Encompasses all public property tows and any other tows that are authorized by law enforcement officials. This may include the tow of a vehicle post-accident, post-arrest, or for other legal reasons.

New state legislation, House Bills 21-1283 and 22-1314, have significantly impacted towing regulation by expanding consumer protections and establishing a larger Towing Task Force. The Task Force advises the Commission on appropriate maximum rates for nonconsensual tows.

Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes section 40-10.1-403, the PUC is required to submit to the Legislature an annual report capturing certain aspects of towing carrier regulation. Copies of the 2022 and 2023 reports can be found below:


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TOWING TASK FORCE - The fourteen-member task force is required by Colorado Revised Statutes section 40-10.1-403. The task force is responsible for making comprehensive recommendations to the PUC about maximum towing rates for nonconsensual tows and advising the PUC concerning investigations involving overcharges made by towing carriers.