Water Rules


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723-5 Water-Sewer Rules (PDF)


Annotated Rules Index

[Effective September 30, 2022] Amendments to water and sewer utilities rules adopted in Proceeding No. 22R-0139W.

[Effective April 30, 2019] Updating Incorporations by Reference, adopted in Proceeding No. 18R-0784ALL.

[Effective September 14, 2010] Permanent fining rules adopted in Proceeding No. 09R-848W.

[Effective March 2, 2010] Permanent rules amended in Proceeding No. 09R-130W.

[Effective August 1, 2007] Permanent rules amended in Proceeding No. 06R-501W.

[Effective April 1, 2006] All water rules re-enacted in Proceeding No. 03R-521W but revised by rule amendments above.