About Telecommunications


The Telecom Programs Section processes and advises the Commission on all telecom-related regulatory filings, and administers several of the Commission’s programmatic responsibilities regarding telecommunications service.




Programs and Areas of Focus


Primary Staff: Gladys Rey - 303.894.2526, gladys.rey@state.co.us

Regulatory filings include:

  • Local switched access service tariffs
  • Applications of Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCNs) and Letters of Registration (LOR)
  • Interconnection agreements
  • Numbering administration
  • N-1-1 applications (applications by local governments to provide 3-1-1 or 2-1-1 service)
  • Area code administration
  • Certificates of transfers
  • Eligible Telecommunications Carrier certifications for participation in the federal Lifeline program.

Primary Staff: Jennifer Kirkland - 303.894.2031, jennifer.kirkland@state.co.us

The primary tasks of the 9-1-1 program consist of:

  • Advising the Commission regarding its oversight of Basic Emergency Service, including Basic Emergency Service Provider certification applications and tariff filings.
  • Advising the Commission regarding approval of emergency telephone charge applications.
  • Advising the Commission regarding potential enforcement actions and formal complaint resolution.
  • Administration of the Commission’s 9-1-1 Advisory Task Force.
  • Completing annual reporting requirements to the Colorado General Assembly, the Federal Communications Commission, and the national 911 Program Office.
  • Administration of federal 9-1-1 grants, as they occur.
  • Coordination with other state agencies regarding 9-1-1 related issues, such as interoperability with 988.
  • Developing long-term strategic goals regarding the advancement of 9-1-1 service in the state, in collaboration with stakeholders and entities such as the Commission’s 9-1-1 Advisory Task Force.
  • Conducting staff-led investigations of Basic Emergency Service outages.
  • Publishing the annual Colorado State of 9-1-1 Report.
  • Advising the Commission in the annual proceeding setting the state 9-1-1 surcharge rate, prepaid wireless 9-1-1 charge rate, and the threshold for Commission approval requirements for local emergency telephone charge rates.




Primary Staff: Holly Bise - 303.894.2024, holly.bise@state.co.us

The Commission is responsible for administration of the Telephone Users with Disabilities Fund (TUDF) and the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) program. The primary tasks associated with these programs are:

  • Adjusting the TUDF surcharge to maintain the necessary revenue for TRS and other programs funded by the TUDF.
  • Ensuring continuous operation of TRS.
  • Supervising the community outreach contractor responsible for engaging in community outreach regarding the availability and use of TRS.
  • Filing annual complaint reports with the Federal Communications Commission and preparing state TRS surcharge annual information for the federal TRS fund administrator.
  • Offering TRS services 24/7 through the selection of certified vendor

Primary Staff: Gladys Rey - 303.894.2526, gladys.rey@state.co.us

The CHCSM Program was originally designed to provide subsidized service in rural areas of the state where otherwise it may be difficult to provide service due to the higher cost of providing services in those areas. Over time, this mechanism has been largely re-directed to provide funding to the Colorado Broadband Deployment Board.

Primary Staff: Jolene Sena - 303.894.2868, jolene.sena@state.co.us

The Commission is responsible for collection and distribution of the 9-1-1 surcharge, the 9-8-8 surcharge, and the TRS surcharge. The Commission also has the authority to audit telecommunications providers for compliance with applicable statute and rules regarding the collection and remittance of these charges.


Primary Staff:

This program exists to fulfill the Commission’s obligations in § 17-42-103, C.R.S. The primary tasks of this program are:

  • Collecting quarterly reports, quality of service and pricing reports from Inmate Communications Service (ICS) providers.
  • Publishing the quarterly reports, as well as publishing a summary annual report.
  • Conducting testing of ICS at Colorado correctional facilities.
  • Receiving and following up on complaints received regarding ICS services.


Primary Staff: Daryl Branson - 303.894.2871, daryl.branson@state.co.us

The Colorado No-Call List is an online location where telephone users can register their phone number to be removed from call lists from participating companies engaging in telephone solicitations.


Primary Staff: Daryl Branson - 303.894.2871, daryl.branson@state.co.us