Form DR 0525 - All Industries

The Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) encourages e-filing and use of Revenue Online to submit additional documentation whenever possible. The Department of Revenue allows public utilities to manage their PUC administration fee through Revenue Online, CDOR’s free, online filing system at   Revenue Online calculates the fee, penalty and interest for you. Filing your Annual Report of Public Utility Intrastate Gross Operating Revenue (form DR 0525) on Revenue Online by the due date eliminates the need to worry about lost or late returns and will save you time and postage. In addition, you can use Revenue Online to do the following:

  • Make payments and view payment history.

  • View filing history, letters and account balances.

  • Update account information, including address and granting third party account access.

  • Submit a protest and send secure messages to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

  • File amended returns.

  • Submit an e-Filer attachment with additional documents, such as a signed copy of form DR 0525.


If you are new to Revenue Online, setup your account by going to  You will need to “Request a Letter ID” under “Additional Services”. Enter the required information and you will receive your Letter ID in the mail in about one week. Once you receive your Letter ID, setup your account at by clicking “Create a Login ID”.


If you have an existing Revenue Online account with the Department of Revenue, simply log into your account at, and select the PUC account hyperlinks to confirm your access.



How to Register for EFT:


You can sign up for EFT through your Revenue Online Account.

  1. Go to Revenue Online.
  2. Log in (if you already have Revenue Online access).
  3. When you have logged into your Revenue Online tax account, click on Add/Change an EFT Account and follow the prompts.