2020 PUC Legislative Implementation

2020 PUC Legislative Implementation Banner

In 2020, the Colorado Legislature adopted two bills directly involving the Public Utilities Commission. One concerned increased consumer protections for customers of investor-owned utilities, and the other made changes to the state's emergency telephone service statutes. From this page you can track the progress of PUC implementation of those and other 2020 legislative changes.

Bill Description: Amends the requirements for the imposition, collection and uses of the emergency telephone charge imposed by local 911 governing bodies.

Read HB 20-1293 here


Link to Proceeding 21R-0099T

Bill Description: Directs the Public Utilities Commission to require information from regulated public utilities and prescribe rules in the areas of medical exemptions from tiered rates, disconnections and delinquencies.

Read SB 20-030 here

Link to Proceeding 20R-0349EG

Bill Description: Concerning the transfer of the function of issuing permits for the transportation of hazardous materials by motor vehicle from the Public Utilities Commission to the Department of Transportation.

Read SB 20-118 here

Individual proceedings can be located via the PUC EFilings System. Please visit the PUC Comment Wizard to file a comment to the PUC.