Operating Authorities for Providers

Forms available here conform to the Commission's Rules Regulating Telecommunications Provider, Services, and Products, 4 CCR 723-2. See rule chapter entitled "Operating Authority." The basis and purpose of these rules is generally to implement, administer and enforce the telecommunications provisions of Title 40 of the Colorado Revised Statutes; and regulate telecommunications proceedings and regulatory activities before the Commission.

The basis and purpose of these rules is to establish regulations regarding: applications for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) to provide basic emergency services; applications for Letters of Registration (LOR) to provide switched access services; applications of providers of Part IV services for a CPCN or LOR; applications to discontinue services; applications to execute a merger, encumbrance or transfer; and registrations.

The statutory authority for promulgation of these rules is found at §§ 24-4-103, 40-2-108, 40-15-111, 40-15-204, 40-15-301(2), 40-15-302(2), 40-15-302.5, 40-15-303, 40-15-305(2), 40-15-501, 40-15-502, 40-15-503(2), 40-15-503.5, and 40-15-509, C.R.S.

Rules 2100 through 2119 apply to CPCNs, LORs, registrations for interexchange telecommunications service providers, authority to discontinue service, and authority to execute a transfer, encumbrance, or any combination of these.