PUC Notifications Regarding COVID-19

Notice of Availability of Alternative Service of Process
The offices of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission at 1560 Broadway, Suite 250, Denver, Colorado, 80202 are not open to the public at this time due to COVID-19. Because our building is closed and staff are working remotely, there is no one who can accept service of process of legal documents. Please be aware that if you need to serve legal documents on this Division, you may send a request for a waiver of personal service to Doug Dean at dora_puc_website@state.co.us. Your email should include all of the documents you need to serve as well as a waiver form for acceptance of the service. Our email account is regularly monitored, and we will respond to your request in due course. Alternatively, you may serve your legal documents on the Public Utilities Commission by delivering them personally to the Attorney General's Office at the Colorado Department of Law's Office at the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center, 1300 Broadway, Denver, Colorado, 80203. The Public Utilities Commission has authorized the Attorney General to accept your service on behalf of the PUC. Please bear in mind that in order to enter the Carr Judicial Center you will be required to comply with all security and social distancing directions of the Colorado State Patrol, which maintains a regular watch at the Carr Judicial Center. The  hours of public access to the Carr Judicial Center are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. No service will be accepted outside of these hours.
The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has adopted emergency rules limiting the rates of non-consensual tows from private property, effective April 2 through April 27.
Decision adopting rules  /  Emergency rules
On March 20, Gov. Jared Polis issued an Executive Order that, among other things, limited public utility disconnections related to the impacts of COVID-19. The order directs the PUC to collect and monitor relevant data from public utilities on the implementation of statewide measures undertaken in response to this order. The spreadsheet below captures that data and will be updated on a weekly basis, as necessary.
Statewide Utility Measures Undertaken in Response to Executive Order
Public access to PUC offices will be restricted starting at 1 p.m. Monday, March 23, until further notice. Members of the public needing assistance should call or email:
Phone: 303-894-2000  |  Permits and Insurance: (outside metro Denver area) 800-888-0170
Email: dora_puc_website@state.co.us 
Persons making a filing within a docketed proceeding or to request a new proceeding may file either through the Commission’s E-Filings System or a paper copy through the US Mail. Hand delivery of documents/filings is not allowed.

Affidavits/attestations – Parties making filings requiring notarization should refer to the Colorado Secretary of State's emergency rules regarding electronic notarization at 8 Code of Colorado Regulations 1501-11 Rule 5.
Commissioners' weekly meetings will be conducted remotely beginning Wednesday, March 18, until further notice. The public is asked not to attend in person but may access live audio from the webcasting page. Audio recordings from weekly meetings will be available 24 hours after the meeting.
Members of the public may still provide comments to the PUC at puc.colorado.gov/puccomments.
For proceedings pending before an administrative law judge, please carefully read decisions issued and file a motion to request any additional modifications or needed accommodation.  
**For Common Carriers providing Scheduled Service that are experiencing an interruption of service: Follow Commission Rule 6209(d), which requires the carrier to (1) submit a report in writing to the Commission, and (2) post to its website any interruption of regular service for 24 continuous hours or more.  The “report” to the Commission can be a letter which is E-Filed in the tariff proceeding, emailed to Staff, or mailed/faxed to the Commission.

**For Common and/or Contract Carriers who need to suspend operations, please submit an Application to Suspend to the Commission in accordance with Rule 6205. The applications to suspend are found here:  Common Carrier / Contract Carrier
PUC continues to accept filings:
(a) for docketed proceedings (common & contract applications, and petitions), filings can be uploaded into E-Filings system or mailed;
(b) for non-docketed proceedings( example: over-the-counter registrations), filings can be made through the online application, faxed, emailed, or mailed.