Statement of Information

The form below conforms to the Commission's Rules Regulating Telecommunications Services and Providers of Telecommunication Services, 4 CCR 723-2. See rule chapter entitled "Operating Authority."

Pursuant to 4 C.C.R. 723-2-2006(b) All providers that have been granted a CPCN or LOR by the Commission shall biennially file a completed Statement of Information (SOI), beginning on October 1, 2017 and every two years thereafter. Providers whose CPCN or LOR was granted after January 1, 2017, shall file the statement on the second July 1 anniversary following a Commission order granting the company a CPCN or LOR. The biennial statement shall contain any updates to the company's information previously provided to the Commission. File the SOI form (below) through the Commission's E-Filings System in proceeding 23M-0017T.