Telecommunication Rules

Regulations Incorporated by Reference in PUC Rules

Annotated Rules Index

[Effective November 10, 2020] Temporary rules to implement House Bill 20-1293 to establish processes for the remittance and distribution of 9-1-1 surcharge funds, adopted in Proceeding No. 20R-0480T.

[Effective August 17, 2020] Temporary rules to implement House Bill 20-1293 to set the 2021 9-1-1 threshold, statewide 9-1-1 surcharge, and prepaid wireless surcharge, adopted in Proceeding No. 20R-0335T.

[Effective April 30, 2019] Updating Incorporations by Reference, adopted in Proceeding No. 18R-0784ALL.

[Effective February 14, 2019] Permanent Amendments to Colorado High Cost Support Mechanism Rules, adopted in Proceeding No. 18R-0561T.

[Effective March 2, 2018] Permanent Amendments to Telecom 911 Rules, adopted in Proceeding No. 17R-0488T.

[Effective September 1, 2017] Permanent Amendments to Telecom Rules implementing HB14-1327, HB14-1330, and HB-1331, adopted in Proceeding No. 16R-0453T.

[Effective December 1, 2016] Permanent Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Rules, adopted in Proceeding No. 16R-0497T.

[Effective June 15, 2016] Temporary Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Rules, adopted in Proceeding No. 16R-0451T. [Temporary Rules expired December 1, 2016.]

[Effective February 23, 2015] Temporary E9-1-1 Automatic Location Identity Rules, adopted in Proceeding No. 15R-0110T.  [Temporary Rules expired September 21, 2015.]

[Effective July 28, 2014] Emergency E9-1-1 Automatic Location Identity Rules, adopted in Proceeding No. 14R-0804T.  [Emergency Rules expired February 23, 2015.]

[Effective March 17, 2014] amended White Pages rules 723-2-2307, adopted in Proceeding No. 12R-1248T

[Effective December 15, 2013] repeal of Low-Income Telephone Assistance Program Rules, 723-2-2800, repealed in Proceeding No. 13R-0801T

[Effective April 14, 2013] revisions adopted in Proceeding No. 12R-862T

[Effective February 21, 2012] Emergency Switched Access Cap rules, adopted in Proceeding No. 12R-148T [Emergency Rules expired September 18, 2012.]

[Effective December 30, 2011] HCSM rules amended in Proceeding No. 10R-191T

[Effective September 14, 2010] Permanent fining rules, adopted in Proceeding No. 09R-845T.

[Effective July 30, 2010] Permanent 9-1-1 charge rules, adopted in Proceeding No. 09R-778T.

[Effective August 1, 2007] Permanent rules, amended in Proceeding No. 06R-495T.

[Effective December 31, 2006] Amendments to Rule 723-2-2855(f) adopted in Proceeding No. 05R-529T.

[Effective November 30, 2006] Amendments to Rule 723-2-2187(f) adopted in Proceeding No. 05R-537T re: annual reporting of Eligible Telecommunications Carriers certified to receive Federal Universal Service Support.

[Effective November 30, 2006] Amendments to Rule 723-2-2741 re: dialing codes - adopted in Proceeding No. 06R-316T.

[Effective October 30, 2006] Amendments to Rule 723-2-2170 adopted in Proceeding No. 05R-528T.

[Effective October 30, 2006] Amendments to Rules 723-2-2210 and 2211 re: deregulation of jurisdictional intraLATA / interLATA services adopted in Proceeding Nos. 05R-527T and 05R-528T.

[Effective October 1, 2006] Amendments to Rules 723-2-2203 adopted in Proceeding No. 05R-538T re: default regulation of local exchange carriers.

[Effective April 1, 2006] All telecommunications rules re-enacted in Proceeding No. 03R-524T but were revised by rule amendments above.